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Water Quality

Water is a survival necessity for the existence of the human, plant and animal world. Read more….

Why add Magnesium?

Caution: Drinking water is dangerous without magnesium values! Read more …


Harmful Contaminents in Water

It is important to be aware of harmful contaminents in water and with the H2oNero H2O water filter, most of these heavy metals are reduced.  Read more….

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H2o Nero Water Filter

H2o Nero Water Filter Test Results

The Lotus Water filter has undergone stringent testing and the results speak for themselves. Our test results can be downloaded via pdf. Visit the products page for more info.

Boreholes and Storage Tanks

We recommend your water is tested by a laboratory before installation on a borehole or water storage tank. This is to ensure that your borehole water is safe to drink.  Additional equipment is required.

Installation and Maintenance

We offer an installation service for all our customers.  Our low maintenance Lotus H2O unit is easy to maintain and filters, both magnesium and PF2 are available on request.

What they say about us

The H20 Nero Water filter from H2o Nero has made a big difference to our food preparation which makes our guests happy. We are now able to use water jugs on the tables as opposed to bottled water and that’s a big saving. Visit us and experience it for yourself..

Old Ducky French Cafe

Since the installation of our H2o Nero Water Filter, we have had many compliments on the taste of the water in our drinks and on our tables.  The food preparation has also improved with the taste of filtered water. Pop in a see us!

Parea Corlett Drive

The water in our home is softer and with the highveld having such a dry climate, this is a huge benefit. With the H2o Nero  filter there is cleaner water to drink for the family and pets alike.

Zotos Property Group

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Filter Accessories

The filter is designed to have minimum maintenance and for the filter to be changed as often as required, depending on usage. Read more….

Included is…

With your H2oNero Water Filter you will find we have thought of everything. From a bracket for the wall, to the metal til rod, we have thought of it all.

H2oNero Water Filter installation and maintenance manual

The H2oNero manual is designed to be printed at home or at the office.  It is available online.

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The H2oNero Water Filter is the only product with medical approval from the NSF... Contact us now to reserve your filter