Problem 1

I cannot turn the jet to wash the unit

Possible Cause and solution

Turning the jet to wash the unit – Turn the jet to the left (counter clockwise)

Problem 2

I cannot open the unit to change the cartridge and post filter

Possible Cause and solution

Did not release pressure– Close the main water. Open the jet/valve on the bottom of the unit and let all the water come out

Turning the product base in the wrong direction – Turn the product base clockwise

Not doing regular maintenance – You may need a person with more strength to turn the base. Do not use a tool!

Problem 3

Filter is leaking from the connection to the water filter

Possible Cause and solution

Not enough Teflon Tape – Remove unit and add more Teflon tape (plumber tape) and also liquid Teflon

Problem 4

Filter is leaking between filter top and product base

Possible Cause and solution

An increase in pressure will cause the unit to adjust so that it doesn’t crack. This means that the unit is no longer closed as tightly as it should be – Turn off the main water. Release pressure by opening the jet/valve and let the water come out. Tighten the base. Close the jet / Valve and slowly turn on the main water. If it is still leaking then remove the silicon O ring from inside the unit and coat with vaseline.

If problems persist call a plumber or whatsapp our call centre on +27 83 282 8888