• Magnesium – the only system in the world that treats limescale and not only does not affect magnesium values important to health, but also increases the magnesium level, to the conclusions of the Ministry of Health.
  • Til ROD – The wonder rod that does not require replacement, to prevent the formation of scale in the solar boiler, collectors and plumbing
    Bio-magnetic envelope – which does not meet the water and captures / prevents iron particles, rust, produces FIR and provides pearl treatment in limescale.
  • The only magnetic field suitable for standing water and running water.
  • Lead – The only limescale treatment system in the world that does not add lead but reduces the level of lead in water for drinking and washing.
  • Arsenic – the only ones in the world who treat arsenic (spraying with water).
  • Cleaning the piping – the bio-magnetic field in the lotus system reduces household lime, sand, rust and bacterial colonies immediately.
  • Calcium and magnesium – although the system treats calcium That in the water it does not reduce the magnesium values that are essential for health!
  • Chlorine values – Precise reduction of chlorine, since a higher reduction may result in the growth of harmful bacteria in the domestic pipeline.
    Limescale – Treatment of limescale by the Til ROD column and the bio-magnetic field.
  • PH * – Limescale reduction without damage to the pH of the water to obtain basic water and healthy
    since the magnesium level is not impaired.
  • NTU * – Noise Reduction Capability ( NTU ) to a better level.
  • Metals – Treatment and reduction of lead from the heavy metal family and treatment of light metals without damage to the magnesium level.
  • Bacteria – reducing unwanted bacterial growth in the pipeline since it does not remove the remaining chlorine level.
  • Jet engine and evacuation of the sediment – periodic handling in a simple manual operation to pour the sediment from the filter house using jet engine (Jet).
  • Minerals – does not affect the level of natural minerals in the water.
  • Legionella bacteria – a thermal cartridge (blue cartridge) that stabilizes the water temperature to make it difficult to grow the Legionella bacteria.
  • 5th Generation Cartridge – Thermal addition of 60 mg / l Magnesium and reduced arsenic values.
  • Improved human engineering – the only system that allows for horizontal or vertical installation according to the convenience of the installation side entrance and / or the top and the system can
    be opened manually without the need for unnecessary tools.
  • Filtering – Four Layers
  • Support network 5cm.
  • Stainless steel filter net 316, filtration level of 50 microns absolute.