The Lotus needs to be flushed once a month. In the box you will find two options that can be used to flush the unit.

1) If you use the jet (Part #8), turn it until you see the water spraying fairly strong and let it spray for 30 seconds. Please remember to put a bucket underneath to catch the water.

2) If you use the valve (Part #9) you need to open the valve all the way and let the water run for 30 seconds.Please remember to put a bucket underneath to catch the water.

The advantage of using the valve is that a hose can be attached, but when possible the manufacturer recommends using the blue jet for the flush as it does a better job at cleaning out the unit.

Note: If you are having a hard time turning the valve or jet on the bottom, close the main water and open a faucet in your home (this will release pressure), close the faucet and try again to open the valve/jet. Open the main water to flush the unit.

Once a year, we recommend placing the mesh filter and the til rod in vinegar for 30 min to keep them clean.

Don’t forget to put a bucket underneath to catch water!

Lotus H2oNero PF 2 Water filter

You will need to change your PF2 filter at least every 6 months or earlier if the water in your area is really dirty. Find out more about purchasing your PF2 here.

Download our Lotus H2oNero Water Filter manual here below by clicking on the image.

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