Inside the box you will see two possible choices in use for washing the unit. The two possible valve choices are :

1.The blue jet (Part No 8) already attached

2.The valve (Part No 9)

Part Numbers

The advantage of the valve is that a hose can be attached but if possible the manufacturer recommends using the blue jet for the wash as it does a better job washing the unit.

Verify the size of the water piping thread on which the filter will be installed. The filter has a 1” thread. If your pipes are not the size of the filter thread you will need to use adapters

The thread needs to covered by a thread sealant for use with drinking water before making the connection. We have found it best to use both Teflon tape and liquid Teflon. 

The direction of the flow of water should be from the city line to the building. O the top of the filter, you will see two small arrows to show the direction of the flow water.

Turn off the main water. Connect the pipe on the entry and exit. Be sure to leave enough room to make it easy to maintain and flush the unit once its installed.  Flush the product by opening the jet or the valve (whichever you chose) for 30 seconds. 

Please be sure to put a bucket underneath to catch the water.

Download your complete H2oNero Water Filter Manual by clicking on the image below. Or call our call centre for assistance on +27 83 282 8888.