Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is H2o Nero?

We are one of the few water filtration companies that provides a product whose screening process has undergone a medical inspection by the NSF 
We are a company that combines experience and science for the benefit of customer solutions.

We are a company that provides water analyzes.

And above all, we at H2o Nero are professionals with proven experience of years in and around the world in the field of drinking water purification. 

2. What substances are in our tap water that can endanger our health?

Authorities are introducing disinfectants (chlorine and ammonia) into our water that bind to them and produce carcinogenic chlorogenic derivatives. There are substances that on the face of health are not a problem such as tartar. However, scale causes physical damage to pipes and the solar water heater and delays the heating time of the water. The damage seems to be monetary but when one understands some of the following these damages there is no doubt that there is health damage. 

3. Why is a home water purification system better than a minibar or buying mineral bottles?

Minibars, as well as bottles of mineral water, are a breeding ground for bacteria. It is impossible to trap water in a closed bottle or container without a drop of chlorine that prevents the growth of bacteria. The results are published in the morning news on all news channels. In addition, according to recent studies, there are bottles of mineral water that contain high levels of artificial estrogen that can be harmful to women during pregnancy.

4. What are the main parameters that are important to check before purchasing a water filtration system?

It is important that the water filtration system complies with NSF international standards  for health. 

Moreover, the seriousness of the company in service, price and the provision of professional solutions is just as important as the water filtration itself. 

5. Will a home water purification system harm my normal water pressure in the apartment and / or increase the amount of water I use in a month?

The water system must not significantly damage the water pressure and / or waste water! Proper planning and engineering prevents such a move,
and we at H2o Nero also ensure that there is no drop in water pressure and do not waste water – we are completely eco friendly. (not the water, but the solution)

6. What standards should I look for when I am interested in buying a water filtration system?

The most important standard is the NSF health standard . It does not matter to the health that the technical specification is efficient or standard.

7. What is the length of the warranty period, and what does it cover?

We offer a 5 year warranty for premium and hybrid lotus products, the internal content and engine and a one year general warranty on the entire product. But most important of all is that we are the only company in the world that gives the customer the opportunity to perform water analysis for premium and hybrid, ie water test without being concerned about the result.

8. What is the lifespan of such a domestic water purification system?

The Lotus H20 has a lifespan of around 10 years and is upgradeable as new purification PF2 filters are released.

9. How often is it advisable to replace the filter in the system? How will I know when? And is the intervention of a technician required to replace it?

Replacement in our system is self-contained and simple, need to be replaced twice a year. Know this well since you feel the tartar when it appears, those who are used to living with a low level of tartar immediately feel the difference.

10. What is the difference between a reverse water osmosis water purification system and other water filtration systems?

A reverse osmosis system removes all levels of minerals, scale, bacteria, heavy metals and viruses from the water, and sometimes impairs the taste of the water and prevents magnesium from being important for health.

A standard water system provides tasty water but is unable to deal with heavy metals, viruses and especially scale.

The most important question is are there heavy metals, viruses and bacteria in the water? If not, an osmosis system is also superfluous and also expensive with a very expensive maintenance cost and without magnesium.

11. Does reverse osmosis water purification harm the minerals in the water and their taste?

Definitely yes, especially in magnesium.

12. Why is it important to install a scale filter for bathroom plumbing?

Prolonged failure to treat scale build-up can cause blockages in the hot water pipes in the home, increase the consumption of electrical appliances and can also impair the efficient functioning of the washing machine and dishwasher and shorten their life. In addition, when the water in the bath is without scale, they do not get dirty and leave a mark on the mirrors and glass, making the cleaning job much easier.

the difference immediately.

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